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    Teacher Sean

    English teacher, pronunciation coach, accent reduction specialist


    You've probably attended many English classes in the past and bought textbooks and other learning materials. And you may have spent many hours of your life trying to memorize English vocabulary.


    But now you might be asking yourself why you still don't feel truly comfortable and confident speaking English. You may also feel like you've reached a certain level of English fluency but can't seem to progress any further, as if you've run into a wall. If this sounds familiar, you've come to the right place!


    My name is Teacher Sean, and I created Talk Show English with you in mind.


    For over 15 years I have helped transform hundreds of people into successful English speakers.


    My students are:

    • Lawyers
    • Bankers
    • Actors
    • Construction workers
    • Concert pianists
    • Hotel staff
    • AI engineers
    • IT specialists
    • Buddhist monks
    • Financial consultants
    • Tattoo artists
    • Stay at home moms (and dads)
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Startup founders
    • Politicians
    • Gamers
    • Taxi drivers
    • Economists
    • Refugees
    • Flight attendants
    • Opera singers
    • Catholic priests
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Robot builders
    • Police 
    • Military personnel
    • Medical professionals
    • Saxophonists
    • Marketers
    • Polyglots
    • Inventors
    • Composers
    • New immigrants
    • And even a famous erhu player from China (look it up)

    I have also taught employees of Deutsche Bank, Thomson Reuters, KPMG, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, and Google, to name a few.


    One of the most effective ways of improving your fluency is to work with a qualified and experienced native English speaking teacher online, which is what I can offer you.


    By reading and discussing interesting articles about topics like technology, business, and culture, my goal is to help empower you to express yourself in English in a more natural, dynamic, and meaningful way.


    You will also develop your critical thinking in English, which is essential if you want your fluency to reach new heights.


    And by the way, I also offer courses in Pronunciation and Accent Reduction, IELTS Preparation, and Writing.


    All your lessons will take place in a friendly and supportive atmosphere that is non-judgmental, non-sectarian, politically neutral, occasionally inspirational, and often quite fun!


    I look forward to working with you.


    - Teacher Sean

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  • "This was my first class and Sean is very experienced and skilled."


    Kelly from Brazil

    "It was a fantastic session. Sean and I will definitely work very well together. Excited to see how it will be in our next lesson."


    Sonia from Spain

    "Every time we talk together is a great experience. It seems like we could talk for hours, still finding interesting topics. I am happy that we have met and I am looking forward to see you again."


    Thomas from Germany

    "Great teacher! We discussed different topics about Canada as I will move to Canada shortly. The classes were interesting and informative. Thanks!"


    Christy from Hong Kong

    "Amazing conversation!"


    Patrick from China

    "I always wrap up talking with Sean in a really good mood, feeling like recharging my batteries!"


    Will from China

    "Enjoyed the class as usual. I'm always happy learning with you. Thank you. See you next week!"


    Jean from Taiwan

    "Our class was excellent and superb as always! Thank you Sean, your classes make me better every time."


    Marina from Russia


    "Good experience and perfect teacher. I like to talk with Teacher Sean. Thanks!"


    Ahmed from Saudi Arabia

    "Thank you for the great lesson. I am feeling improvements in my pronunciation thanks to the lessons."


    Sachiese from Japan

    "Every time is so enjoyable, I love our classes. Thanks for teaching me."


    Alexis from Chile

    "Teacher Sean does professional job beyond my expectation always. Moreover, he is very warm and passionate. From his respectful personality, I am motivated not only in English, but also in the attitude toward profession."


    Misako from Japan

    "The best english teacher that I've ever had in my entire life. I'm impressed."


    Bruno from Brazil

    "Thanks, Sean, once again for your useful, fun and awesome classes!! I've been studying English for two years, and this is the first time that I'm learning a lot in every session. 100% recommendable!!"


    Jorge from Uruguay

    "Sean came to our first lesson prepared. We covered even more than I could have expected. Thank you!"


    Hélène from France

    "He is the most amazing, prepared, knowledgeable and supportive English teacher that I've ever had!"


    Mina from Iran

    "The best teacher!! You'll love his lessons."


    Eri from Spain

    "Sean is a fantastic teacher with a kind and passionate heart."


    Winston from China

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    Sean is a very kind and knowledgeable teacher, he helped me improve my pronunciation, speaking and writing, he always has interesting topics to share. It was a great experience learning with him. :)


    April from China

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