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Business English for Banking:

A Comprehensive List of Terminology and Expressions

Business English for Banking: A comprehensive List of Terminology and Expressions

Banking is a crucial aspect of business and commerce. In order to communicate effectively in a banking environment, it is essential to be familiar with the specific terminology and expressions used in the industry. This list of business English expressions for banking provides a comprehensive overview of the most commonly used terms and phrases in the banking sector. Whether you are a banker, customer, or working in a related field, these expressions will help you communicate more effectively and efficiently.

  1. "Deposit funds" - The client deposited $1000 into their account.
  2. "Withdraw money" - The customer requested to withdraw $500 from their account.
  3. "Open a new account" - The bank is offering a special promotion to open a new account.
  4. "Transfer money" - The client transferred $5000 from their savings account to their checking account.
  5. "Apply for a loan" - The customer is applying for a loan to purchase a new car.
  6. "Mortgage application" - The bank is processing the customer's mortgage application.
  7. "Credit check" - The bank conducted a credit check before approving the loan.
  8. "Check balance" - The customer can check their account balance online.
  9. "Interest rate" - The bank is offering a low interest rate on their mortgages.
  10. "ATM withdrawal" - The customer withdrew cash from the ATM using their debit card.
  11. "Online banking" - The client can manage their accounts and make transactions through online banking.
  12. "Credit card payment" - The customer made a credit card payment to pay off their balance.
  13. "Investment portfolio" - The bank helps customers to manage their investment portfolio.
  14. "Financial advisor" - The bank provides financial advisors to help customers with their financial planning.
  15. "Overdraft fee" - The customer was charged an overdraft fee for exceeding their account balance.
  16. "Fixed deposit" - The bank offers fixed deposit account for customer who want to save money for a specific period of time.
  17. "Credit limit" - The bank increased the customer's credit limit on their credit card.
  18. "Credit score" - The bank checks the customer's credit score before approving a loan or credit card application.
  19. "Loan repayment" - The customer needs to make loan repayment every month for a specific period of time.
  20. "Account statement" - The customer can access their account statement online to see all of their transactions.

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